Live like no one else

A man who was a great inspiration to me was a college professor who saved 50% of his income since he first began teaching in the 1970s.

Yes, over the years his income finally grew to become higher than average for our area, but throughout it all he maintained relatively simple needs and wants.  He could have lived far more lavishly than he did, but he was a hard worker, lived comfortably enough to suit him, and never felt denied of anything really important in life.

When he died he left a great deal to his loved ones, plus a substantial amount to student scholarships and to other charities that were dear to him.

High income or not, if every one of us could find some level of contentment and live even a bit below our means, our lives would be far less stressful and worrisome.

And at the end, there just might be something left to pass along.

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