The image that appears when you think of a “fence” might depend on whether you have an urban, suburban, or rural background.  For an overview of the fence industry, see the American Fence Association’s Fence Guide.

A few of these photos are simply to show a variety, but for most of them there are (what I consider) fun stories behind.

There are several unusual and memorable installations of which, unfortunately, I don’t have photos.  Work for the county highway department comes to mind, as does a project inside a storage facility.  At a gym they moved the free weights to the balcony above the basketball court and, though it may sound crazy on the surface, as far as I know it all worked out well for them.

If you’re concerned about rising mortgage interest rates, don’t be.  During the 1980s, even with mortgage rates in the mid- to high-teens, residential construction in our county was booming.

A brief history of Fairfield Township says, “The Pearl River, also called Samplers Run, once an open stream that ran through the middle of the city, is now channeled into underground sewers.”  The first two photos are of the Pearl River Lift Station, and I remember steps leading quite a few feet underground – the equivalent of several stories.  Water supply, drainage, and treatment is one (of many) topics that I’m highly ignorant about!  Over the years I’ve often heard the Pearl River mentioned, but never in detail.  A local research librarian could likely help me with its history, and there are probably locals who already know enough to simply start telling me about it.

The next three photos are of one of several local storage facilities owned by a terrific guy (now deceased), who brought to our humble community one piece of flashy memorabilia of Oregon’s Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh; a hint is provided here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rajneeshpuram#/media/File:Osho_Drive_By.jpg (right-click if needed).  My brother, who lived in western Oregon then, was surprised that I hadn’t already heard of the Rajneesh.

The tennis court project?  Well, the tennis court itself really was a fun one.  On the other hand, the property’s perimeter fence (glimpsed in the first photo) on which we performed extensive repair was quite an unexpected “challenge”.  The boards were Osage orange (known locally as “hedge”), and I underpriced this part of the job!

The fence post and tape measure is one of those CYA photos when there was a property line dispute.