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Your Christmas Spending: Planned or Impulsive?

“It’s not going out on a limb to predict that this month Americans will spend more than is good for them.  Then, in the spring . . . , debt counselors – both legitimate ones and fraudsters – will experience a spike in contacts from people at the end of their ropes.” When is the…

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New Headquarters for Ramsey Solutions

In discussion boards (again) this semester several students have mentioned Dave Ramsey, a man whose work has changed many thousands of lives for the better. The other day, the people of Ramsey Solutions announced that they are looking forward to moving into a new building in Franklin TN, reportedly to be 650,000 square feet when completed.…

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Our Village Grocery and the Therapeutic Breadboxes

A Community Center of the Past By Juanita Burnett, 1998 Thriving community centers in my city are funded by grants, donations,and fundraising events.  In the village of my youth, our little grocery served a similar function.  It was funded by fellowship. People coming together in a congenial atmosphere is a therapeutic aid to the fullness of…

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